The region is distinctly warm, with a typical inland valley-floor climate and substantial diurnal temperature ranges.  The heat is mitigated by the proximity to the Murray River.  With no shortage of water for irrigation and loose textured sandy, gravelly soils, the vineyards produce generous yields without compromising colour or flavour.

The substantial fruit coming from our original climate combines with a prominent mineral and acid structure confer Ulupna wines their signature characteristic of beautifully balanced full-bodied, long persisting and suitable for cellaring wines.

The climate of the area is temperate to warm with maximum rainfall in the winter.

The annual rainfall ranges between 550 and 700mm per year; Mean January temp: 21.2°C;

Mean annual rainfall 451.9mm
Highest max temperature 45.8°C
Lowest min temperature -4.8°C
Mean rain days 77.3