Vio Buga

Ulupna Winery’s viticulturist and winemaker, Vio is family and an essential part of the Ulupna Team. A child prodigy in mechanics and auto-repair, as a child, Vio lived for the outdoors, driving a tractor at the age of 10 and revelling in “finding out how machines worked.” Following three years of mechanical school in Romania, Vio moved to Australia when he was only 21 years old immediately starting his work on Ulupna Vineyard.

Kathy’s nephew, Vio shares Kathy’s love for the Ulupna soil, and vines, building in his twenty years of experience, a set of unique, self-taught winemaking skills creating individualized excellence. Maintaining all agricultural machinery on the property and establishing the cool fermentation system in the winery, his natural mechanical skills combined with his experience on farms render him crux to the Ulupna endeavour.