The Idea


U L U P N A  vineyard was conceived in Italy in 1999, with the idea of transforming a family property into a promising vineyard.

The farm is located in a beautiful area on the boundary of the Barmah State Park, which together with the Barmah State Forest represents an internationally recognized wetlands providing habitats to more than 200 species of birds, grey kangaroos, emus, koalas and goannas, and constitutes the largest river Red Gum forest in Victoria.
The farm has been used as arable land for more than twenty years and there have been some minor additions such as fencing and the drilling of a bore.
Over the last centuries the river Murray deposited alluvial sediments along it's banks.  The very fine and rich topsoil was left uniformly distributed all over the land.  We mapped the land with a geological survey and the results defined the flood plain as being ideal for vines, and found we possessed a pristine site, particularly suitable to sustaining  grapevines.

There was no further impediment to the project and some investigations of technical parameters and the choice of the vine varieties to be used was necessary.  During three days and three nights of work we eventually decided to start the first planting with a local variety of Shiraz, a vine well adapted to the area since the last century.
Indeed the idea of the Shiraz arose mainly from the fact that I had the opportunity to try some amazing Australian Shiraz in Italy and I was impressed by the experience.  In my mind it was definitely clear that the first wine we should produce was a Shiraz, a wine that is quintessential among the Australian wines.
A few years later we decided to plant Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay and we reached a total of 53 acres of land under vine.  In 2003 we made our first Shiraz using the vineyard grapes and we call it "Red Cloud" for the intense color achieved during the winemaking.  In 2004 we sold the first Cabernet and Chardonnay grapes and we bottled the shiraz. Only in 2005 were we satisfied with the wine quality and we decided to start marketing the products.
U L U P N A  is a crescent-shaped island created from the river billabong in close vicinity to our vineyard and is also the name of a parish in the Moira Shire, not far from our farm. The name - meaning "sheep" -  is of aboriginal origin and is part of the Joda Joda language, whose presence in the area was documented in the late 1800.

We chose the name  U L U P N A  mainly because we think that the wine should reflect the territory were it comes from, and we also liked the sound of the name.  Being so proud of our place and so impressed of the primeval energy of Ulupna island we wished to give to our first wines the same strong Australian connotation.
The  U L U P N A  logo that my wife created is indeed another tribute to the territory.  It is a unique area as we experience very strong solar radiation all year round which makes the growth of any crop in this area a challenge for the farmer.  The logo is also a salute to all the spectacular wines that are able to uplift our souls, enlight our lives and make us better appreciate the marvellous world in wich we live.

Daniele Ferrari - Winemaker